Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wait! What's that? Is that finished artwork I smell?

That's right, folks! Finished artwork. You may not see that again on this blog. Hurry-while stocks last!

Sorry, too late. All sold out.

These were two pieces I entered into the 3 feet high 2008 skatedeck show. The theme for the show was "nature". I hadn't done any painting for quite some time. A bunch of my friends (yeah, that's right, the sausage maker has friends) and I decided to enter the show. For me it was a good excuse to finally do some non-work related stuff.

I'd like to go back and redo the pieces. There's some stuff on them that bothers me. But overall I'm happy with the way they turned out. Even if nobody knows what a puffin is, and thinks the second board is a painting of a toucan. The first piece is a romanticized take on human nature. The eyes are actually concave, with the pupils sitting maybe half an inch deep from the surface of the board. So as you move around the room, the eyes follow you.

You can check out much better artwork than the ones I did at the 3 feet high website, .You can check out the decks from the two previous years. I'm hoping eventually she'll put up the decks from last years show. It was fun to do these. And it was cool to see the work everyone else did. If I get a chance, I'd like to do it again. Especially after finding out both my pieces sold.

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Mike Luzzi said...

very nice, i do like the puffin, and yes i do know what puffins are. You know they eat puffins in Iceland? Anyway, When is the last time you made sausage?