Monday, July 20, 2009

To the Moon, Neil!

I know, I know- that's actually Buzz and not Neil. Either way it's pretty amazing either one of them walked on the Moon at all. After the urgency felt to get there first (take that, Russia!) it seems weird that we have only made a handful of trips back there in the 40 years since the Eagle first landed. However, I feel that's going to change. Apparently we elected Superman to the Presidency. And of course he's going to need to make a few trips to the Moon to build Watchtower, his base of operations for his JLA cabinet. Plus, Moon missions are just another way Obamaman can spend the taxpayers money. Not that he needs any help coming up with any ideas to do that.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


My brother's flat needs some decoration on the walls. So I told him I'd do some art for him. So I sat on the floor, turned on the TV and ended up watching Major League while I painted this. I think next time I'll actually look for a more inspiring movie to watch while I paint in the hopes it will keep me from doing work more suited for actually hanging than this. But I sent it off to him anyway, and he can use it as a place holder until some better sausage arrives.